F Midnight Memories


FIND YOUR MUSE. A small playlist for when you find yourself lost in thought but can’t seem to put words together and need some nice songs to get you in the writing mood. {listen}

i. flaws - bastille; ❘ ii. the a team (remix) - mike posner; ❘ iii. white lingerie - cris cab; ❘ iv. islands on the coast - band of horses; ❘ v. yellow - coldplay; ❘ vi. hunter - san cisco; ❘ vi. bleeding out - imagine dragons; ❘ vii. sunset - the xx; ❘ ix. walk in the sun - mcfly; ❘ x. the heart of life - john mayer; ❘ xi. october - broken bells 

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2 SIDEBARS : 200X300


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this is a theme ayo —blueofrp

nope didn’t know that blue 


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this is a post

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an example post

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